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Ambassador Automotive History

Ambassador Automotive Service Center was founded by Don Nelson in 1971. Don, a hard-working mechanic and family man, was running a Texaco gas station in Santa Ana in 1969. It wasn't long before his auto repair side of the business was outpacing the sale of gasoline. He decided that starting his own auto repair business in a larger building was what was needed.

He found a piece of property in Garden Grove to lease and worked tirelessly nights and weekends constructing the building that would become his new business. In 1971 the building was finished and the new business needed a name. Being a Christian man, he knew he was to be an Ambassador for Christ, so Ambassador Automotive was born.

As his sons grew, they came to work for him and he taught them the business. Dan, Ken and Tim all attended Arizona Automotive Institute after high school and worked by their father's side. In 1986, land developers wanted to build a shopping mall on Don's leased land, so in February of 1988, Don and his sons relocated the shop to its current location. Having to start over again in a new location, they were blessed to have many customers follow them and bring in much new business.

Sadly, Don lost his battle with bone cancer on May 1, 2004. He is and will be greatly missed, but lessons he taught and the life he lived are remembered and respected by his sons, who are committed to carry on his legacy of honest auto repair.

Ambassador Automotive is pleased to have sponsored organizations such as:

  • US Youth Athletics
  • Esperanza High School
  • Canyon High School
  • Yorba Linda High School
  • Yorba Linda Middle School
  • Orange Lutheran High School
  • Rosary High school
  • Handicap Sales Workshop
  • Anaheim Fire Department
  • Anaheim Sheriff's Department
  • Grace Help Line

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