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Chevy is a name that sort of gets taken for granted in the American market. They have been around so long, with such a solid reputation, that not much gets said about them. That quiet presence reflects just what kind of quality vehicles they produce. Chevy owners aren’t very familiar with our shop – because they have to see us so rarely. However, if you ask around to other Chevy owners in the Anaheim area most of them will tell you that Ambassador Automotive is their shop of choice when they do need work done.

Why are we so popular among Chevy owners? First, it is our team of professionals that treat you with respect from the moment you walk in the door. Not only are they talented technicians, but they also take pride in their customer service. Beyond that, we have some of the best prices in the area. When you get to work with a quality team and are asked to pay a low price, the decision on where to take your Chevy for repair becomes pretty easy.

Rather than being a shop that specializes in just one or two things, we can handle it all here at Ambassador Automotive. If you drive a big Chevy Silverado, a family-oriented Malibu, or even the electric Volt, we will be able to do quality work for you. Throughout our years in business in the Anaheim Hills area, we have become known for our honest dealings and upfront pricing. Surprises are never a good thing in the world of Chevrolet service, so we take them out of the equation. Bring your Chevy down to Ambassador Automotive today and you will be back on the road before you know it.